all about the seller delivery methods


Because Blockscart is a Global Marketplace, sometimes your Seller may be on the other side of the world. It’s important to understand how delivery methods work.

Questions about Delivery

You have the option to add standard worldwide to each listing.

The delivery method has to be worldwide for the basic listing.

You must set the worldwide timeframe. Maximum delivery on Blockscart is 60 days. 

You must also state a cost unless it is included in the listing price.

If you want to offer local delivery or fast worldwide delivery, you must add an additional price to your worldwide delivery cost.


If your worldwide anytime delivery is $5 and it costs an extra $10 for fast delivery, the total delivery once selected by a customer will be $15.

It is very simple. You select collection option, input your area/town/city or street and the Google maps will populate your collection point for a seller.


If you are offering collection, then you MUST NOT add a delivery cost.

If you offer both, include the delivery price in your listing.

In the event your delivery does not arrive to the customer then the customer will get a refund.

Why should someone pay for something they never received right?

In this event, please contact Blockscart Support once you have discussed with the shipping company the reason your delivery has failed.

Yes, we will give the Customer a full refund 7 days after the order resolution has been cleared between both Seller and Customer.

Unfortunately, making sure an item is delivered is on you as the Seller. 


This is standard practice on all online retail sites.

Whoever is responsible for delivering the order is responsible for making sure the Customer gets it.

Our Marketplace and Staff are dedicated to making sure each user is satisfied with their orders and sales.

We will do our utmost to make sure that each user on our Marketplace is treated fairly in the event of a dispute or an issue with an order.


All we ask is that you as users make the agreement between yourselves so Blockscart doesn’t have to act.

Remember, we are the platform for Peer to Peer Fee-Free trading.

We give you the ability to come to consensus.