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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Here is a detailed description of how Blockscart works:

Once a buyer makes a payment, the funds go into Blockscart Escrow account and the system creates a transaction. 

The Buyer and Seller are given access to a private transaction page where they can communicate details of the order. 

Once a Seller marks the order as delivered, the Buyer is given 32 days to either accept the delivery, request modification (if a service), or even request mutual cancellation of the order.

If a buyer fails to respond in the given time period of 32 days, the system would auto-complete the transaction on the 33rd day of purchase. 

Once a buyer accepts the order (marks it as “accepted”), the seller’s account balance will be loaded with the total for the sale. 

The Seller is then able to request withdrawal of those funds based on the accepted withdrawal options.

 Cryptocurrency or Paypal.

Please visit Payout Options to see which is best for you.

Blockscart uses a secure payment gateway to accept payments to Escrow.

Once you see a listing you want to buy, click “Buy Now”

You will be taken to our payment service provider called Coingate where you will have the choice to make payment in various Cryptocurrencies including lightning networks.

Select the Cryptocurrency you wish to make payment with and make payment within the time frame given.

Once we receive your payment, we will mark the order as payment received.

Your order process will start from this moment on.

Users can sell any Product or Service on the Blockscart Platform.

We are committed to helping individuals from around the world to offer their goods and services to the Cryptocurrency Communities.

All we ask is to not break any laws by selling illegal goods.

There are no fees for basic listings or withdrawal of payments in BLXS, Blockscart’s Waves based utility asset.

If a Seller chooses a Featured listing then there is a cost of $0.50 per listing.

If a Seller chooses to be paid out in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waves or Paypal then there are costs.

However, if you compare our total costs for these payout methods, you will see that we are 10-15% cheaper then Fiverr and Ebay.

This is a massive saving for online Sellers.

Yes, all payments are protected in a secure Escrow system that holds funds in USD form.

No payments will be made to Buyer or Seller until the sale is marked as Complete.

If a Seller does not complete the order, the Buyer will get a refund.

That’s not a problem.

Blockscart offers payouts to Paypal accounts every 2 weeks.

The cost is 10% of your withdrawal amount.

Minimum withdrawal to Paypal is £20.00

If you sell something on Blockscart that is collection/Pick-up service then Blockscart will pay you 3 days after the sale is marked as Complete.

If you choose Paypal as a method of payment, please allow up to 5 days to clear plus 10% of the withdrawal amount.


If you wish to place a deposit in Escrow until the remaining balance is paid you can.

For deposit payments, the seller must make it clear in the title and description that the listing is for a deposit only.

If they do not, we will refund the buyer.

If you have a dispute with a Seller or Buyer and you cannot come to an agreement, Contact Support.

The Support team will be able to provide a resolution for the order.

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