How It All Works

It’s important our users understand how the platform works. Have a read.

How It All Works

It’s important our users understand how the platform works. Have a read up.

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It's Simple!

Once a Buyer makes a payment, the funds go into Blockscart Escrow account and the system creates a transaction. 

The Buyer and Seller are given access to a private transaction page where they can communicate details of the order. 

Once a Seller marks the order as delivered, the Buyer has 32 days to either accept the delivery, request modification (if a service), or even request mutual cancellation of the order.

If a Buyer fails to respond in the given time period of 32 days, the system will auto-complete the transaction on the 33rd day of purchase. 

Once a Buyer accepts the order (marks it as “accepted”), the transaction goes into clearing  –  a period of 3 days.

A clearing period is a security measure to protect Blockscart from fraudulent activity.

As soon as the clearing period is over, the money is deposited into Seller’s account in a form of credit balance. 

The Seller can request withdrawal of those funds based on the accepted withdrawal options.

 Cryptocurrency or Paypal.

Please visit Payout Options to see which is best for you.

Protected Payments


Make a payment for your purchase in the Cryptocurrency of your choice.


Payment goes to Blockscart which holds in stable form until order is completed.


Once order is complete, we release payment to Seller or refund to the buyer.


3 Simple Steps

3 Simple Seller Steps

Create Listing

Add a listing to the platform and give as much information about it as you can so the Buyer knows what your selling.

Deliver Your Order

Whether its a physical item or a freelance service, delivery is highly important. Send by email, post or offer collection.

Get Paid

Once your Buyer has marked the order as received, you will be paid for your sales. Choose your method of withdrawal. It's totally your choice.

What Users Have To Say

How It Works - FAQ

How It Works - FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Once you have seen a listing you wish to purchase, you can buy it right away using your Cryptocurrency through our payment gateways available.

Once you complete your order and the buyer marks it as received, your payment will go into your platform account.


You can then request withdrawal.

Yes, all payments are held in a Secure off platform Escrow system account in a stable USD form until you and the seller have agreed on the sale order.

Once you have received the order, mark it as received.

If you have not, contact the seller.

If the seller doesn’t respond within 3 working days, contact support.

First of all, contact the seller and try to come to an agreement.

If you and the seller cannot come to an agreement, contact support.


Once you have paid for the listing you can give your address details to the seller in required information section.

Both buyer and seller can discuss through the built in messenger system.


Once you have purchased the listing you can give the relevant information to the seller in required information section.

Both buyer and seller can discuss through the in built messenger system.

To be entitled to a refund, both buyer and seller must come to an agreement on the terms of sale.

Does the seller offer a refund?

Did the seller deliver as described?

Has the seller sent you tracking information?

Always speak to the seller first and if you cannot agree, contact support.

Refunds are paid 14-28 days after order cancellation and we refund platform credit only.

Due to Cryptocurrencies being volatile, we will only ever return the value of the order and not the amount of the Cryptocurrency.

This will only be platform credit.

Contact us

For Any Enquiries Please Email

Contact us

For Any Enquiries Email